Do No Harm – For Yogis not just Medics

If you are just starting out on your yoga journey, you may be surprised to hear that yoga can put stresses and strains on the body.  Isn’t yoga a gentle, healing, positive, mindful practice ?     As an osteopath as well as a yoga teacher, I am used to seeing...

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Yoga and Stress Management

Negotiating the morning commute might not seem to have anything in common with being chased by a lion, but it has the same effect on your body - the stress response. Stress in modern life has been so well researched that we know beyond doubt the impact it has on our...

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Chicken Soup – fact or fiction ?

It's that time of year when the sniffles and aches and pains start. My mum always makes chicken soup when this happens and it's a habit I've inherited too. It always seems to help.  Here is today's pot ready to boil as one of the kids is brewing something.  It doesn't...

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What is Persistent Pain ? A short video to explain it

Persistent or Chronic Pain is pain that has gone on for (on average) more than 12 weeks.  It is a really common problem, often in the low back, but in other areas of the body too.  What we know from neuroscience research is that Persistent Pain changes the brain.  My...

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