Yoga-based exercises for manual therapists

Sometimes feel that manual treatment alone is not enough ?
Would you like to improve the outcomes for your patients, especially those in chronic pain ?
Would you like to learn a new skill that can be used in clinic AND online via telehealth ?

Yoga is a valid healthcare intervention with increasing support from research efforts. Yoga can help patients with a range of conditions, from insomnia and anxiety to more mechanical ailments. It is a self-management tool for health that aligns well with the aims of a manual therapist to get movement back into the body and relaxation in the mind. My NHS clinic at ULCH incorporates yoga as a valid evidence-infromed practice for mind-body health.

I have taught many Osteopaths and Chiropractors how to incorporate gentle yoga-based exercise in their sessions. I have a range of well-developed practical, gentle and safe methods that you can deliver with ease to improve your patient outcomes. The focus is not on learning hours of theory and hundreds of postures, but on giving you even easy-to-follow, gentle routines that you can deliver and sell right away.   The courses will NOT make you a yoga teacher, but allow you to offer these exercises as part of your regulated ability to offer corrective and therapeutic exercise.


Each half-day module is an interactive and highly focused mix of theory, discussion, practical and practice, delivered via Zoom.

You DO NOT need to be a yoga fan to benefit from these courses.  The practices I teach are gentle, safe and suitable for all.  

Note that each module builds on the ones before.  Yoga for Backcare and Better Breathing CAN be purchased alone but I recommend following the whole programme for maximum impact. 

Introduction Course – Bonus with any Module purchase

Introduction to Yoga for Manual Therapists

The basics.  How yoga works – science & research.  Learn a simple routine for the neck, shoulders and to release tension.  The tools to get online and start this work to help your patients and clinic. New for 2021 – this course will be a BONUS addition to the Module Programme. 

Module 1 – Yoga for BackCare

The basics.  How yoga works – science & research.  Evidence base for back pain and yoga.   Learn a simple routine you can teach low back pain patients, getting them back to health faster. 

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Module 2 – Yoga for Better Breathing

The basics.  Assessing breathing.  The science of the yoga breathing practices.  Learn simple techniques you can teach your patients to improve their respiratory function – upper body based-routine.  Discussion on how we can use manual therapy and movement to get even better results. 

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Module 3 – Yoga for Persistent Low Back Pain

The basics.  What is Persistent Pain ?  The science of how yoga can help.  Gentle practicies to help these tricky cases with a gentle yet active approach.  A short but powerful routine to help PLBP patients feel reassured and develop confidence in their bodies. You MUST have attended Module 1 to attend this Module.

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Module 4 – Yoga for Stress

The basics.  What is stress and how does it affect us ?  Physical health, physiology, mental health.  Yoga philosophy AND the latest yoga research.  Techniques for noticing the effects of stress.  Powerful routine for stress reduction.  Teaching practice.

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I am confident that these 4 Modules and the practices they contain are tailored to deliver maximum impact – for patient and clinic health.  Each Module includes video recordings of the practice sequence and CPD certificate. Once you have completed the modules, there is further access to a private Facebook group, ongoing support and online classes to ensure your use of these methods continues.  Students who wish to deepen their knowledge and accelerate the use of these methods in clinic may apply to a Mentoring Programme.

Curious to know how you can incorporate yoga-based exercise in the clinic ?


I found the introductory course informative, uncomplicated, non-threatening ( I haven’t done any yoga for 25 years!) and extremely useful.

It was good to finish up with a selection of simple techniques that we could review on the handouts and also the class video that was provided.

I had 3 patients already booked in on the day of the workshop and I felt confident in using the exercises I had learnt with all of them.

I have found the exercises to be really adaptable and I like the fact that I can ‘pick and mix’ them for each individual patient and integrate them with exercises I already use.

The fact that you emphasise the gentle approach also means that patients are very unlikely to go off and hurt themselves through being over zealous.

I would say I have definitely recouped the cost of the workshop and consider it was a good investment both for me and my patients, for now and the future.

DH, Osteopath

Anji’s introductory course to gentle yoga was great, I can not recommend it enough. I have been wanting for a long time to brush up on my exercise prescription skills but life was always too busy to do this. The course has given me a new way to package my knowledge that I already have alongside some other new simple effective mobility and relaxation exercises which I believe will make a big difference to my patient management skills in the future
The structure and framework that Anji gave me on this course has really empowered me to take on this new task and I feel it is already paying off in both confidence levels and clinical outcomes. Anji also gives you support and encouragement with invaluable ways to nurture your current patient base. If you are feeling lost and unsure about how to work right now this course will definitely help guide you in the right direction

VM, Chiropractor: